PIRLS meeting in Hamburg
PIRLS 2016 and PIRLS 2021 countries convened in Hamburg, Germany, for the 9th PIRLS 2016 National Research Coordinators Meeting and the 1st PIRLS 2021 National Research Coordinators Meeting.

In Hamburg, participating countries concluded PIRLS and ePIRLS 2016 with International Database training, and kicked off PIRLS 2021 by reviewing informational and literary passages and context questionnaires.

Read about wrapping up PIRLS 2016 and launching PIRLS 2021 in Hamburg »

TIMSS & PIRLS International Study Center thanks our generous hosts at IEA Hamburg.

—Shirley Goh, Assistant Director, Communications and Media Relations
TIMSS & PIRLS International Study Center

IEA–International Association for the Evaluation of Educational Achievement
Boston College