NRC meeting in Finland

The PIRLS NRC meeting was a huge success as the IEA, TIMSS & PIRLS International Study Center, and participating countries and benchmarking participants gathered in Jyväskylä, Finland.

They made final decisions about the contents of the PIRLS 2016 assessment. More than 100 reading and assessment experts from 50 countries around the world collaborated to review passages, items, and questionnaires for PIRLS, PIRLS Literacy, and ePIRLS.

Participants visited the historic Survo Manor, and learned about Finnish culture at Savutuvan Apaja. In addition, Finnish broadcaster Yle TV1 interviewed Dr. Ina Mullis, Executive Director of the TIMSS & PIRLS International Study Center, about PIRLS, ePIRLS, and reading literacy in Finland.

Watch the YLE TV1 newscast »

"Even though the week here was busy and hectic, it was also a great joy," said Inga Arffman, a Senior Researcher at the Finnish Institute for Educational Research and PIRLS Coordinator for Finland. "We even managed to promote Finnish people's awareness of PIRLS as an important international large-scale reading literacy study, and to arouse a debate on the role and significance of reading and what is involved in it."

TIMSS & PIRLS International Study Center thanks our generous hosts from the Finnish Institute for Educational Research at the University of Jyväskylä.

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