The TIMSS 2019 Assessment Frameworks provides the foundation for the four international assessments that comprise IEA’s TIMSS 2019: TIMSS Mathematics—Fourth Grade, TIMSS Mathematics—Eighth Grade, TIMSS Science—Fourth Grade, and TIMSS Science—Eighth Grade.

The TIMSS 2019 Mathematics Framework and the TIMSS 2019 Science Framework presented in Chapters 1 and 2, respectively, describe in some detail the major content and cognitive domains in mathematics and science to be tested at the fourth and eighth grades. The content domains (for example, algebra, geometry in mathematics, and biology, chemistry in science) and the topic areas within the domains are described separately for the fourth and eighth grades with each topic area elaborated with specific objectives. The cognitive domains of knowing, applying, and reasoning describe the thinking skills students are expected to use as they engage with the mathematics and science content. Chapter 3 contains the TIMSS 2019 Context Questionnaire Framework describing the home, school, and classroom factors associated with students’ learning in mathematics and science that will be investigated via the questionnaires completed by students, their parents, teachers, and school principals. Finally, Chapter 4 provides an overview of the assessment design including general parameters for item development.


Download TIMSS 2019 Assessment Frameworks (PDF)