TIMSS Technical Report Volume I: Design and Development

This report describes the study design and the development of TIMSS up to, but not including, the operational stage of main data collection. Topics include: development of the achievement tests, test design, sample design, development of the context questionnaires, development and design of the performance assessment, scoring techniques and criteria, translation of the instruments, field operations, training sessions, and quality assurance procedures.

Adobe PDF iconThe entire Technical Report, Volume 1 (990K)

The report is also available in smaller files, divided by chapter as listed below.

Table of Contents for the entire Technical Report
Chapter 1
Chapter 2 Development of the TIMSS Achievement Tests
Chapter 3 The TIMSS Test Design
Chapter 4 Sample Design
Chapter 5 Development of the TIMSS Context Questionnaires
Chapter 6 Development and Design of the TIMSS Performance Assessment
Chapter 7 Scoring Techniques and Criteria
Chapter 8 Translation and Cultural Adaptation of the Survey Intruments
Chapter 9 Field Operations
Chapter 10 Training Sessions for Free-Response Scoring and Administration of Performance Assessment
Chapter 11 Quality Assurance Procedures
Appendix A Acknowledgements
Appendix B TIMSS Test BluePrints



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