Quality Assurance in Data Collection

This report describes the implementation of TIMSS and the analytic procedures underlying the reporting of the achievement results for the final year of secondary school assessment. Described in this volume are: the implementation of the sample design and characteristics of the national samples, calculation of sampling weights, procedures for estimating sampling variability, data management and database construction, procedures for checking the cognitive item-level data, the TIMSS scaling model, and the various procedures for reporting the achievement and background data.

Adobe PDF iconThe entire Quality Assurance Report (1041 K)

The report is also available in smaller files, divided by chapter as listed below.

Introduction and Acknowledgements
Chapter 1

Translation Verification

Chapter 2 Sampling
Chapter 3 Monitoring the TIMSS Data Collection
Chapter 4 Observing The TIMSS Test Administration
Chapter 5 Quality Control Steps for Free-Response Scoring
Chapter 6 Data Consistency Across Countries
Appendix A Examples of Item Information
Appendix B Changes Made to the TIMSS International Database for the Population 2 Cognitive Items
Appendix C TIMSS Sampling Forms
Appendix D TIMSS Quality Control Monitors
Appendix E Results of the Quality Assurance Monitors' Interviews with the National Research Coordinators
Appendix F Results of the Quality Assurance Monitors' Test Session Observations
Appendix G TIMSS International Coding Reliability Study Participants
Appendix H Contingency Tables and Coding Guides for Items in the International Reliability Study
Appendix I Data Cleaning and Consistency Checks


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