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TIMSS 2023 Longitudinal Study

Measuring Student Progress Over One Year

IEA’s TIMSS continues to drive innovation in international comparative assessments of student achievement in mathematics and science by offering the TIMSS 2023 Longitudinal Study, an optional extension of TIMSS 2023 that explores student learning gains over one year of schooling. Countries participating in the TIMSS 2023 Longitudinal Study will re-assess their original sample of TIMSS 2023 students for the second time in 2024, creating two data points of student achievement. The TIMSS 2023 Longitudinal Study will provide the same group-level achievement data as TIMSS 2023 and allow a closer look into individual learning gains over time. This exciting new design expands the range of research questions that can be answered using TIMSS data and promises new insights that education policymakers and researchers worldwide can use to strengthen education systems.

Benefits of the TIMSS 2023 Longitudinal Study

With this data, countries will be able to:

  • Contextualize achievement gaps and gain insights into how to address them
  • Use longitudinal evidence related to home, classroom, and school features associated with learning gains to inform educational policy decisions
  • Make information about achievement growth visible and available to educational stakeholders
  • Compare educational quality in a global context using an alternative outcome measure

Moving Beyond Cross-Sectional Studies

In addition to producing robust group-level data on student achievement, the TIMSS 2023 Longitudinal Study will create opportunities to further explore learning gains by including revised context questionnaires designed to collect information to test hypotheses about how home, classroom, and school factors are associated with achievement gains. This longitudinal design provides several analytical advantages and considerably expands the scope of research made possible by TIMSS data.

TIMSS 2023 Longitudinal Study Schedule Highlights
  • 2023 TIMSS 2023 data collection

  • 2024 Re-assess TIMSS 2023 samples

  • 2025 Analysis and reporting of results