Science Benchmarking Report TIMSS 1999–Eighth Grade
Chapter 5 Contents
  Science Subjects Offered Up To and Including Eighth Grade



What TIMSS 1999 Countries Have Assessments And Exams in Science?

What Can Be Learned About the Science Curriculum?



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CHAPTER 5:The Science Curriculum

What Can Be Learned About the Science Curriculum?

In contrast to the United States, most countries around the world have well-established, centrally-mandated national curricula. Recently, however, states and districts in the US have been making great strides in establishing content standards and curriculum frameworks to guide curriculum implementation in schools. Furthermore, many education systems in the US have begun to assess whether the intended curriculum in science is being attained or learned by their students. Thoroughly examining the Benchmarking jurisdictions’ results in an international context can provide insights into what students are expected to learn in science, what is taught in classrooms, and what policies and practices provide the best match between the intended and the implemented curriculum to improve student achievement.

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