School Contexts for Learning and Instruction

This report provides descriptive information from the 1995 TIMSS assessment on school contexts for learning mathematics and science, including school characteristics policies, and practices. Results are reported for fourth grade, eighth grade, and students in the final year of secondary school (twelfth grade in most countries). The report is organized around five major topics:
• Roles and responsibilities of schools and school principals
• School organization and staffing
• Organization for learning mathematics and science
• School Resources
• School atmosphere

The combined school results for three grade levels offer an overview of a range of school factors and how they vary across countries. Together with the student achievement data and the student and teacher questionnaire results published earlier, they provide a unique perspective on schooling and achievement

Adobe PDF iconThe complete School Contexts Report (2MB)


The report is also available in smaller files, divided by chapter as listed below.

Table of Contents for the entire School Contexts Report
Chapter 1 Introduction ( 700K)
Chapter 2 Average Achievement in the Science Content Areas
Chapter 3 School Organization and Staffing
Chapter 4 Organization for Learning Mathematics and Science
Chapter 5 School Resources
Chapter 6 School Atmosphere
Executive Summary
Appendix A TIMSS Design and Procedures
Appendix B Supplemental Tables for Chapters 5 and 6, School Resources and Atmosphere
Appendix C Acknowledgements


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