TIMSS Technical Report Volume III: Implementation and Analysis (Final Year of Secondary School)

This report describes the implementation of TIMSS and the analytic procedures underlying the reporting of the achievement results for the final year of secondary school assessment. Described in this volume are: the implementation of the sample design and characteristics of the national samples, calculation of sampling weights, procedures for estimating sampling variability, data management and database construction, procedures for checking the cognitive item-level data, the TIMSS scaling model, and the various procedures for reporting the achievement and background. data

Adobe PDF icon The entire Technical Report: Volume III (1.4 Mb)

The report is also available in smaller files, divided by chapter as listed below.

Table of Contents for the entire Technical Report (245K)
Chapter 1 Introduction (343K)
Authors: Michael O. Martin and Dana L. Kelly; Boston College
Chapter 2 Implementation of the TIMSS Sampling Design (441K)
Author: Jean Dumais; Statistics Canada
Chapter 3 Data Mangement and Contruction of the TIMSS Database (441K)
Authors: Heiko Sibberns, Dirk Hastedt, Michael Bruneforth, Knut Schwippert; IEA Data Processing Center -- Eugenio J. Gonzalez; Boston College
Chapter 4 Calculation of Sampling Weights (294K)
Author: Jean Dumais, Pierre Foy; Statistics Canada
Chapter 5 Estimation of Sampling and Imputation Variability (343K)
Authors: Eugenio J. Gonzalez; Boston College -- Pierre Foy; Statistics Canada
Chapter 6 Item Analysis and Review (735K)
Authors: Ina V.S. Mullis, Michael O. Martin; Boston College
Chapter 7 Scaling Methodology and Procedures for the Mathematics and Science Literacy, Advanced Mathematics, and Physics Scales (539K)
Authors: Greg Macaskil, Raymond J. Adams, Margaret L. Wu; Australian Council for Educational Research
Chapter 8 Reporting Student Achievement in Mathematics and Science Literacy, Advanced Mathematics, and Physics (392K)
Author: Eugenio J. Gonzalez; Boston College

Appendices (539K)

Appendix A: Table of Contents for Volume 1 of the Technical Report
Appendix B: Characteristics of the National Samples
Appendix C: Sampling and Imputation Standard Errors by Gender Tables



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